The Kettlebell Advantage

Incorporate kettlebells into your workout and watch your results explode!

What if I told you that at least 90% of what you have read, watched or heard about fitness today is much more about marketing hype, making sales of gym memberships or pushing near worthless supplements than providing information that can truly help you get fit, healthy and strong?

What if I told you much of the time you have spent in the past sweating on high priced exercise machines or tripping around following over complicated workout routines were pretty close to being a total waste of time?

What if I told there's a much simpler way to get the body of your dreams with just one very simple tool, some smart training, the willingness to work hard and the right attitude? All things I will lay out for you clearly in this very guide?

You might think I was crazy, but there's a method to my madness and it's all backed up by quick real world results.

Frankly, the state of fitness in this day and age is pretty sad unless you step away from the mainstream and dive into doings differently. Once you open that door the sky is the limit.

What the Heck is a Kettlebell?
The History of Kettlebells
The Absolute Best Kettlebell Movements
Safety Tips for Training With Kettlebells
Kettlebell Training Revealed In These Workouts
Are You Game? Kettlebell Competitions
Exercise #1 - Arnold Press
Exercise #2 - Around the Body Pass
Exercise #3 - Bottoms Up Clean From Hang Position
Exercise #4 - Deadlift
Exercise #5 - Figure of 8
Exercise #6 - Goblet Squat
Exercise #7 - Half Get-Up
Exercise #8 - Military Press
Exercise #9 - One Arm Bent Over Row
Exercise #10 - One Arm Clean
Exercise #11 - One Arm Clean and Jerk
Exercise #12 - One Arm Overhead Squat
Exercise #13 - Push Press
Exercise #14 - Seated Shoulder Press
Exercise #15 - Single Arm Floor Press
Exercise #16 - Single Arm Shoulder Press
Exercise #17 - Snatch Pull and Push Press
Exercise #18 - Split Squat Kettlebell Pass
Exercise #19 - Sumo High Pull
Exercise #20 - Swing
Exercise #21 - Windmill
Beginner Kettlebell Circuit
The 30 Second Circuit
The 60 Second Circuit
The 5 Step Ladder
Kettlebell Circuit for Women
Kettlebell Circuit for Strength
The Kettlebell Advantage text

What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons
  • 7 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Bob Cochrane